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Why Do Plants Need Fertilizer?

May. 25, 2021

As a NPK Fertilizer Wholesaler, share with you. In order to grow nutritious and healthy crops, farmers need to ensure that their soil is healthy. Without fertilizer, it is difficult for nature to replenish the nutrients in the soil.

NPK Compound Fertilizer With Trace Elements

NPK Compound Fertilizer With Trace Elements

When harvesting crops, important nutrients are removed from the soil because they will follow the crops and eventually enter the table. If the nutrients in the soil are not supplemented by fertilization, the yield of crops will deteriorate over time.

Careful analysis and fertilization of crops can form a chain of nutritious food for mankind:

Nutrients enter the soil

Soil feeding plants

Plants feed animals and people

The three most common mineral fertilizers are fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

What is fertilizer used for?

Generally, without the help of fertilizers, it is almost impossible for plants to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Research experiment: If the nutrients in fertilizers are not added to the soil, it is almost impossible for many plants to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Here, the soil is tested with a research test machine.

Take nitrogen as an example: because plants cannot directly absorb nitrogen from the air, soil is the only way to obtain this important nutrient. If the nitrogen content in the soil is low, you need to use fertilizer to increase the nutrient level.

The concentration of potassium source is high and occurs deep below the surface of the soil (usually about one kilometer), far beyond the roots of plants. The mining of potassium brings this naturally occurring nutrient to the soil surface and plant roots.

Phosphorus is present in some rocks, but for plants to absorb this nutrient, it must be water-soluble. Proper use of phosphate fertilizer helps plants absorb phosphate fertilizer from the soil and ensures high yields and rapid growth.

What are the benefits of fertilizer?

Knowing the exact nutrient content of mineral fertilizers also makes planning the farming process easier. Nowadays, fertilizers containing primary, secondary and micronutrients are widely used by farmers.

Most of the mineral fertilizers are in the form of convenient solid particles, which makes them very suitable for farmers to transport and use. Plants that grow in nutrient-deficient and unfertilized soil are generally smaller and grow more slowly than plants in healthy soil.

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