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Sanyuanjiuqi Fertilizer attended SAHARA Exhibition on Sep 18th 2018 in Egypt.

Nov. 10, 2020

Through this exhibition, our company gave out more than 300 brochures and more than 200 business cards. Also nearly 100 interested customers have been collected. The staff has collected the data of intended customers and is ready to do further follow-up visits.

During the four-day exhibition, we also visited and contacted before Interested customers, deepen the mutual understanding and lay a foundation for further exchanges and cooperation. Through this exhibition, our foreign trade staff’s response skills and business knowledge has been further improved, and the various kind of problems also broadens our knowledge, which we can learn from it and understands more conversation tips. 

Through our visiting of other local companies, we understand the Egyptian market and the entire Middle East market, which provides valuable information for our market research and facilitate the development of more new products in the future. 

Generally speaking, through this exhibition, the reputation and influnce of our company has been expanded. It also enables us to understand the market, understand our peers, and recognize our own. To enable our company to overcome shortcomings in the future development

We look forward to the next exhibition and believe it will be even better!

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